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Frequently Asked


Steps on how to trade on Athens Markets?

You can begin trading on our platform by creating an account, submitting all required documentation, opening a live account using Meta Trader and creating an Athens profile.

How to register?

To register you will need to visit our home page, create an account once you have submitted the account information you will need to complete the remaining steps provided in your email account.

What is the KYC? How do I complete it?

KYC is short for Know Your Client. As part of using our platform you must share some information about yourself so we can offer the best tailored experience for you. The intent of this information is to ensure that each client represents themselves as stated and are compliant at all times.

Can I create a demo account? If so how?

  1. Creating a demo account is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with MetaTrader and trading itself.
  2. Login to your Athens Markets account and go to the Accounts tab. Tap on the New Account option. Scroll down to find Athens Markets MT5 Demo. Tap on Create Account. You will receive an email with your login credentials. If you cannot find our e-mail with the credentials, browse your spam, junk, and all available folders in your email.

Should I Use a two-factor authentication (2FA) app?

You must use a 2FA (Two-Step Factor Authentication) to ensure security when setting up access to your account. Google Authenticator and Authy are often recommended. We strongly advise researching 2FA platforms that work best for you.

What is the minimum age requirement?

To create an account and become a client with Athens Markets, you must be 18 years old or over on the day of registration. Any accounts created as a minor will be suspended.

How do I join the affiliate program?

Athens Markets lets you earn by referring more clients under your affiliate program. In order to do that, you would need to become an affiliate first.
Log in to your Athens Markets account and scroll down to the tab on the left labeled IB Menu and click «refer a friend».
Next select currency as usd and click continue. You now have been added to the referral program. To create referral links, click the tab labeled «marketing tools» and select «links» from the list. Name your link and then click create. Once created, this link can now be shared. The link will keep track of how many clicks and how many registrations happen from using it. You can create multiple links.

How can I deposit funds?

Depositing is easier than ever! We currently support deposits using BTC, ETH, USDT ERC20 and UDSC ERC20.
Once logged into your client area, click “deposit funds” and then select the currency you wish to deposit with. Click continue and your new wallet address will be generated.
Make sure to create a new address each time you wish to deposit as the address are one time use only

What documents are acceptable for KYC?

1.- You will need to provide the  following information
      a.  The following are acceptable forms of documentation
             i. Passport
            ii. Drivers License
           iii. Residence Documentation
           iv. National Identity Card
      b.  Please make sure of the following
             i. Its a government issued document
            ii. Must include your date of birth
           iii. All documents must be submitted in pdf, jpeg, or png. All
           iv. password protected documents will be voided.

What are the steps to complete an internal transfer from Wallet to MetaTrader?

Under your account’s dashboard, you will find a tab called Transfer Money. Navigate to the tab and tap New Transfer. On this window, you may select your Transfer Type, which would be Wallet to MetaTrader. Select the Wallet you would like to transfer from. Select the Live Account you would like to transfer to. Enter the Amount and tap on Transfer.

If I need help, where can I find it?

We are always available to help our Traders whenever our assistance is required. Our Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact our live support, please log into your client are and submit a ticket in the helpdesk.s and update our status.

Bonus Account and Trading

1. How do I qualify for the bonus?

To qualify for the bonus, you need to open a bonus account and transfer funds to it. Please keep in mind that the maximum deposit amount eligible for the bonus is $25,000.

2. What is the bonus match?

Upon making your initial fund transfer to the bonus account (minimum deposit of $100), you’ll receive a 100% match on that transfer. This match will be credited to your equity, effectively doubling your capital for trading purposes.

3. How do I calculate the required trading volume for the bonus?

To determine the number of lots you need to trade in order to receive the bonus, simply divide the bonus amount by 10. Once you’ve completed the required trading volume, you can convert the bonus credit to your account balance. This balance can then be withdrawn, or you can choose to continue trading with it.

4. Are there any trading limitations on the bonus account?

Yes, please be aware that trading indices is not permitted in the bonus account. Only certain assets are eligible for trading with the bonus funds.

5. What happens if my account equity drops below the bonus credit or if I withdraw funds prematurely?

If your account equity falls below the amount of your bonus credit, or if you make a withdrawal from the account before fulfilling the required trading volume, the system will automatically deduct the bonus credit from your account. It’s essential to meet the trading requirements to retain the bonus benefits.

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