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Trade Raw Spreads

Are you a forex trader seeking an account type that offers unparalleled trading conditions and enhanced transparency? Look no further! Athens Markets proudly presents the Raw Spread Account, designed to cater to traders who demand the utmost precision, competitive pricing, and a seamless trading experience. With raw spreads and low commissions, this account type empowers you to trade the financial markets with confidence and efficiency.

But what exactly are raw spreads?

In forex trading, a spread refers to the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. The bid price represents the price at which buyers are willing to purchase the currency, while the ask price denotes the price at which sellers are ready to sell. The spread acts as a cost for entering a trade and can vary across brokers and account types.

Raw spreads, also known as tight spreads, offer traders the purest form of pricing in the market. They are derived directly from the interbank market, where major liquidity providers and financial institutions trade. By accessing raw spreads, traders can benefit from highly competitive pricing, as they reflect the true supply and demand dynamics of the currency market. This ensures that traders receive the best available bid and ask prices without any markups or artificial manipulation.

Advantages of
Trading Raw Spreads

Trading with raw spreads provides several advantages that can significantly enhance your trading experience. Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

With raw spreads, you gain access to some of the tightest spreads available in the market. These narrow spreads reduce your trading costs and enable you to maximize your profit potential. The narrower the spread, the less the price needs to move in your favor before you start generating profits.

Raw spreads offer complete transparency, allowing traders to see the actual market prices without any hidden markups. This transparency ensures fair pricing and eliminates any potential conflict of interest between traders and brokers.

The Raw Spread Account at Athens Markets comes with very low commissions, ensuring that you pay only a small fee per trade. This cost-effective structure allows you to optimize your trading strategy and focus on generating returns rather than worrying about excessive fees.

The Raw Spread Account allows you to trade not only forex but also a wide range of other tradable instruments, including commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. You can diversify your portfolio and take advantage of various market opportunities, all with the benefits of raw spreads.

Raw spreads are often accompanied by superior order execution. With direct access to the interbank market, trades can be executed quickly and efficiently, minimizing slippage and enhancing the accuracy of your trading positions.

For traders who employ scalping or high-frequency trading strategies, raw spreads are an ideal choice. The narrow spreads and fast order execution provide the speed and precision required for these trading styles.

Equipping You For Success

At Athens Markets, we understand that trading conditions matter, and the Raw Spread Account has been tailored to meet the needs of both experienced and novice traders alike. We combine cutting-edge technology, robust liquidity, and exceptional customer support to offer you a trading environment that is second to none.

Whether you are a professional trader seeking the lowest possible trading costs or a beginner looking for transparent and competitive pricing, our Raw Spread Account delivers the advantages you need to succeed in the dynamic world of forex trading.

Join Athens Markets today and experience the power of raw spreads. Open a Raw Spread Account and gain a competitive edge in the markets. Take control of your trading journey and unlock your full trading potential with Athens Markets – your trusted partner in forex trading.